Solve Your Insomnia: 2022’s Best Mattresses

Chronic & Short Term Insomnia Solved By Branded Mattresses

Symptoms of Insomnia affect approximately 33% to 50% of the adult population. Whilst Chronic Insomnia disorder appears in 10% to 15% of adults.

It’s important to know what the symptoms of insomnia are if you wish to tackle it effectively.

Chronic Insomnia May Result In:

  • Difficulty falling asleep / waking up in the middle of the night.
  • Difficulty getting back to sleep after waking up.
  • Feeling constantly tired / fatigued during the daytime due to lack of sleep.
  • Easily irritated & depressed.
  • Short term memory problems.
  • Difficulty concentrating.

Here is NHS guidance on how to Check If You Have Insomnia

The Different types of Insomnia, Short term & Chronic

Short term:

This is often caused by stress in your life.


When sleeping difficulties occur 3 or more times a week, for extended periods of time.

How much sleep should you be aiming for?

The average adult needs anywhere from 6-9 hours of sleep each night. Although, this is not exact as for everyone to operate at peak performance this will vary.

It’s important that you have a good night’s sleep, rather than a long sleep. Tossing & turning repeatedly affects your ability to fall asleep, so try to avoid it & remain in one position.

How do mattresses affect sleep?

If you don’t have the right mattress, it could result in back pain. Mattresses provide support for your back, if they don’t provide good back support it can compromise the quality of your sleep. When you find yourself waking up with back pain, you should seriously consider purchasing a new mattress

If you find yourself waking up in the night, sweating, this may be because of your mattress.

If the mattress you are using to sleep on is made from foam, more heat is being trapped by it. As a result of this you will find that you may sweat more & wake up in the middle of the night because of this.

The Top 3 Mattresses For A Good Night’s Sleep:

1. Hypnos Mattress

Hypnos Firm Rest Memory Foam Mattress
Hypnos Advanced Technology Mattress

A great British mattress brand, they focus on providing a luxurious product that is sold in high end shops. You will find these mattresses in stores like John Lewis, Bensons For Beds & The Bed Center.

They have a variety of thinner, & medium firm mattresses to very high profile designs. Hypnos mattresses allow you to sink into your bed at night & peacefully drift off to sleep with their luxurious feel & high quality materials that are used in production. Examples of materials they use to help you stay asleep are: cashmere, camel hair and mohair.

Price: The Prices for this dreamy mattress selection varies. They have some cost effective alternatives & also some high quality value for money options.

2. Sleepeezee

Sleepeezee Gel Technology Mattress Perfect Night's Sleep
Sleepeezee Gel Technology StayCool Mattress

These pocket sprung mattresses have a great selection available to everyone. However, not all of their stock are made from springs, they also provide a great selection of memory foam mattresses with cooling material.

If you’re looking for that traditional design, they have you covered. Sleepeezee really does accommodate for everyone & can solve all of your restless nights. Their different types of mattresses have been around since 1924 & they even supply to the Royal Family as well.

They have great quality products available. There are thick, high profile mattresses with great quality fillings & an array of different firmness options. Due to this, they can provide a mattress for any side sleepers & buyers of their products only have the best feedback for this nightmare-killing company.

Price: Sleepeezee accommodates all budgets with their huge variety of products.

3. Silentnight

SilentNight Budget Option Mattress Memory Foam
SilentNight’s A Perfect Selection For Buying A Mattress On A Budget

Silentnight offers a great selection of budget & discount mattresses. This is what they are primarily known for. They do also provide higher profile options. Their stock comes in pocket sprung varieties, including memory, latex & geltex as well to offer comfort and support

Their website is the primary place to order one of their mattresses as they offer free delivery. However, you can also purchase one of these mattresses from high street shops like The Bed Center.

Their target market is for people with smaller budgets, and are great options for people who aren’t looking to spend a lot of money. Their website shows you initial comfort scores from mattress reviews, which can be very useful to help people decide which mattress is best for them. It is important to note that on their lowest priced options, some reviews dictate that they may not last very long, so it is something to be wary of.

Price: Silentnight is a great budget option for people who are looking for mattress deals.